Getting My Run On…But Wait, I Need Shoes!

So I am going to start a series documenting a bit about my journey to get back into shape. I am petite and women always say to me ‘I wish I had your body’ but ladies, looks can be deceiving. I had a physical a few weeks ago and my doctor is a fiery Latina who wasn’t playing. She was disappointed in my lab results and she insists I need to start working out – even though I don’t look like I do.
I am a former sprinter.  Yes, sprinter.  I never liked to run long distance but sprinting serves me no health purpose at my age so I am finally going to start running.
I need to get the right gear.  On one of my recent weekly #FCLife tweetchats, avid runner @RunFastMama made some gear suggestions and Nike Women even reached out to suggest a few items.  I came across this inspiring #RNNWM video with Tricia Regan.  (I’m really digging the shoes and that watch!)

Now don’t you feel like running?! I do! :)

What do you do to keep in shape?

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Lesley Batson

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