I received in email from NBA.com to start my entering my choices for the 2013 NBA ALL-STAR team.  Now I know 2012 has flown by but isn’t it just a tad bit early to start voting on this season’s all stars?   No team has even played more than 8 games yet! There are literally 62 days left to vote and we all know, a LOT can happen in 2 months of play.  I will reserve my votes till probably the first week of January when I’ve had some time really see these guys play.  However, if you want to go take a look at the nominees and cast your vote, you can do so here.  They’ve even made it fun this year allowing you to vote via Twitter or Facebook.


Hey, let me know who you felt deserved your vote.  By the way, this season’s NBA ALL-STAR festivities will be in Houston, TX, weekend of February 17, 2013.