Hi Fanatchicks!

My name is Dominica and I’ve been given the great honor to contribute to Fanatchicks. I’ve been into health and fitness my whole life and I will be contributing with simple workout videos that you can do pretty much anywhere, as well as health and nutrition tips. I’m a certified health and fitness professional through National Academy of Sports Medicine and I’ve also worked with many personal trainers myself throughout the years. I hope you will enjoy the workouts and feel free to come with workout suggestions or any questions.

I will post new workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today I decided to post a workout for your posture. Whether your posture is already perfect or not, it’s always good to do exercises for your posture 2-3 times per week, everyday if you need to correct your posture. Poor posture not only looks bad, but it will also lead to numerous problems such as back pain, neck pain, problem for the lungs to fully expand (less oxygen) and even depression.

Poor posture causes are usually from inactive lifestyles or simply sitting by the computer for too many hours each day. If you tend to sit a lot whether it’s in front of a computer or studying, a good trick is to not use the backrest of your chair, but instead sit up tall with your knees at a 90 degree angle and let your core and lower back hold yourself up straight (make sure you don’t curve your back forward either). Guess what, sitting in this position will strengthen your abs, burn calories as well as create a perfect posture!

This workout can be done anywhere without any equipment, hope you will like it! For previous workout videos feel free to check them out at www.youtube.com/bootybydom.