For today I’ve put together four very effective exercises to target your abs. “Flat abs” is usually the number one wish I get from both female and male personal training clients. Something that many people seem mislead about is how you actually get your abs to show or for your stomach to look flat.

I’ve gotten this question many times: “Dominica, I do 100 sit-ups every day before I got to bed, but my belly fat doesn’t seem to want go away at all”, the biggest misconception in fitness is that you can burn fat in one area. But remember that you can’t burn fat in just one area, though you can sculpt the muscle in just one area.

When you use more calories than you take in, thats when your body needs to “eat” from your fat storage instead. “Burning” the fat then happens all over your body, even your fingers. So in order to get your abs to show you will need to eat healthy, and doing cardio is also a great way to really speed up fat loss. Another mistake that some people make when they try to lose fat is to eat way too little calories, what happens then is that your body thinks you are starving and your body saves every single calorie for as long as possible, which slows down your metabolism and prevents any fat loss. So stick to regular small meals throughout the day and aim for lean protein and vegetables to take up most of the space on your plate.
Enjoy the workout!Saying all this, it’s still very important to work your abdominal muscles out as that will give you those nice defined lines once you have less body fat, or maintain/improve what you already have. Working your abs will also help with posture, balance, and I think the coolest thing is that if  you get pregnant your belly’s skin won’t stretch as much as your strong abdominals will work as a “girdle” to support the baby.

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