It’s so encouraging to see a major brand get it.  P&G’s Always team recorded an experiment to see what young women would do when they were asked to run like a girl, throw like a girl, and even hit like a girl.  Most of them (and some of the male persuasion) demonstrated the ridiculous and offensive stereotype  of girls not being able to do these things without looking foolish and weak.

It was great to see the young girls do as they know to do which is run, throw and hit just like themselves – girls! They even seem puzzled that they’re even being asked the question.  As a life long athlete and fanatchick, I would have done exactly as the young girls did.

This ad supports why our charity and sister company Fanatchicks Care, Inc launched She Wins! this year.  It’s all about building character through sports.  We use proven lessons and discussions to get girls and young women in the mindset that they are valued and can achieve great things.  We also introduce them to a sport and the process of being part of a team, setting goals, learning to socialize and learning to communicate all help them build their self-esteem and so much more.

What did you think when you saw this Always video?