Author: Booty by Dom

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Get Your Heart Pumping for V-Day!

Start Valentine’s day off right with a coreĀ strengtheningĀ workout, this workout can be done anywhere you wish and with no equipment. Happy Valentine’s! For more videos check out:

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Bosu Ball Workout

Workout on a bosu ball for maximum muscle engagement, the unstableness forces all of your stabilizer muscles to come into play as well – so more calories burnt and more muscles used in the...

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Top 5 Fitness MYTHS Busted!

Here are my top 5 fitness myths I come across on a regular basis. If you can think of anything else that you think I should have included in the top 5, please comment!...

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The Truth About Flat Abs

For today I’ve put together four very effective exercises to target your abs. “Flat abs” is usually the number one wish I get from both female and male personal training clients. Something that many...