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About Booty by Dom

Into fitness and sports since age 4, Dominica started skiing, then went on to gymnastics, track & field, snowboarding, pilates, boxing and more. Working as a model since age 18, she worked with many different health and fitness professionals and in 2010 decided to get certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Check out more of her videos on youtube.

Get Your Heart Pumping for V-Day!

Start Valentine’s day off right with a core strengthening workout, this workout can be done anywhere you wish and with no equipment.

Happy Valentine’s!

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Bosu Ball Workout

Workout on a bosu ball for maximum muscle engagement, the unstableness forces all of your stabilizer muscles to come into play as well – so more calories burnt and more muscles used in the same amount of time!

If you don’t have a Bosu ball already, it’s a great investment!

Exercises (on Bosu ball):
1. The Dom Plank
2. […]

New Year – New You Beach Workout!

Happy New Year Fanatchicks!

Get down and dirty with this full body beach workout. No beach around? Your living room floor works just fine, but I would advice to avoid any sand then. Tone your whole body with this workout, new year – new YOU right!

1. Plyo Lunges
2. Crab Walk
3. Walk-outs
4. Side Lunges

Any questions or workout […]

Full Body Workout With Just a Ball!

I do most of my workouts without any equipment or weights, but when I do use equipment a medicine ball is one of my favorites. The possibilites of using it for exercises are endless and in todays video you’ll see some of the ones I find the most effective and fun.

Like I’m saying in the […]

Top 5 Fitness MYTHS Busted!

Here are my top 5 fitness myths I come across on a regular basis.

If you can think of anything else that you think I should have included in the top 5, please comment!


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The Truth About Flat Abs

For today I’ve put together four very effective exercises to target your abs. “Flat abs” is usually the number one wish I get from both female and male personal training clients. Something that many people seem mislead about is how you actually get your abs to show or for your stomach to look flat.

I’ve gotten […]