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Lesley Batson is the Chief Chick at Fanatchicks | For Chicks Who Dig Sports! She grew up playing competitive sports from the age of 9 and still can't get enough. She created to create an online lounge for chicks who are opinionated about sports and fitness and like to have a good time! Follow @fanatchicks

SI NFL Analyst Andy Benoit Gets Owned By Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler

As ridiculous as it sounds, a Sports Illustrator NFL Analyst Andy Benoit tweeted the following:

He has of course deleted these ignorant tweets since then and later posted the following:


My sincere apologies for last night’s senseless tweets. I got carried away responding to playful ribbing ….
— Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) June 23, 2015

…. and, in my stupidity, […]

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s Rocky Marriage Is Almost Over

Love is a complicated thing. We want it. We chase it and sometimes we’re so desparate for it that we make rash decisions that sometimes have negative outcomes.

As the 2015 WNBA season starts, one of its most popular stars is dealing with a tumultuous situation at home.

APRIL 24, 2015 – The couple were arrested on suspicion […]

#TBT CaddyShack

What can I say? CaddyShack is a cult classic with some raunchy humor. It truly speaks for itself.  First of all, it’s soooo 80s. It stars Rodney Dangerfield and of course, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase who were young breakout stars of Saturday Night Live at the time.  This movie has so many classic lines and […]

The NBA and Disney Team Up For A Unique Entertainment Experience

If you have not been to Orlando, Florida in a few years, you should plan a trip back to visit. The city has evolved quite a bit.  This small city has truly grown on me as I’ve watched it blossom for both residents and tourists.


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The NBA Experience at Walt Disney […]

The Real World Love & Basketball Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

You might not know Alex ‘Superman’ Johnson but he played college basketball at Cal State and NC State but now plays professionally in Canada.  Why am I mentioning him?  Just watch him playing one-on-one with his girlfriend Brey Dorsett.Now that’s classy. :)

#FCF Great Grandma Rose Green Is A Sprint Champion

Rose Green is not your ordinary 77 year old.  As I have recently endeavored to get my track body back and have started doing some of my drills and sprints, this video gave me quite a boost of energy for today’s workout.  Although I have not thought about competing again, I certainly look at Rose […]