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About Lesley Batson

Lesley Batson is the Chief Chick at Fanatchicks | For Chicks Who Dig Sports! She grew up playing competitive sports from the age of 9 and still can't get enough. She created to create an online lounge for chicks who are opinionated about sports and fitness and like to have a good time! Follow @fanatchicks

The Real World Love & Basketball Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

You might not know Alex ‘Superman’ Johnson but he played college basketball at Cal State and NC State but now plays professionally in Canada.  Why am I mentioning him?  Just watch him playing one-on-one with his girlfriend Brey Dorsett.Now that’s classy. :)

#FCF Great Grandma Rose Green Is A Sprint Champion

Rose Green is not your ordinary 77 year old.  As I have recently endeavored to get my track body back and have started doing some of my drills and sprints, this video gave me quite a boost of energy for today’s workout.  Although I have not thought about competing again, I certainly look at Rose […]

Michael Jordan Photo Exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum

Ok, maybe I’m living in the past but I still believe Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time.  I never had the chance to see him play live but I watched hundreds of hours of Chicago Bulls games admiring this man.  I no longer live in Chicago but I hope to get […]

The Rock – Wrestler, Actor, Wedding Officiant (VIDEO)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has such a big heart. He has been all around the country promoting his new movie San Andreas, including scheduled time with his buddy Nick Bundy from The Screen Junkies.  He was asked if he would be willing to stand in a surprise wedding for Bundy and well, just watch and […]

A True Fanatchick, Lauren Hill Died Today From Her Brain Tumor

You aren’t human if you were not moved by the courage Lauren Hill displayed living – not surviving – but living with an inoperable tumor in her brain.  She is the epitome of an athlete. She pushed through the pain and medicated herself with her passion for basketball, and love for her teammates.  She played […]

Kudos To Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Featuring Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham #CurvesInBikinis

I am a woman with a slim build and like many women, I look at my body and see imperfections.  I’ve grown to love who I am and appreciate my petite packaging but one thing for sure, I always longed for more curves.  Women’s curves are beautiful and so although I’m not plus-sized, I applaud Sports Illustrated […]