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For Chicks Who Dig the Sluggers

Chicago Parade for Jackie Robinson West Little League Team on August 27. Be There! #JRW

To all the fanatchicks in and around Chicago, please go out with your families and friends and celebrate with these boys on Wednesday, August 27.  They are shining examples of what guidance and team sports participation can do for a child’s character,  confidence and future.  I hate they beat […]

Mo’ne Davis, Little League World Series Shine a Light On The Importance of Youth Sports

Mo’ne Davis made headlines and history for her outstanding athleticism  with the young Philly team, Taney Dragons at the 2014 Little League World Series.  The Dragons lost last night in an elimination game to the Jackie Robinson West Little League (JRW) team from Chicago’s south side.  It was a nail-biter to the end.  At one point […]

Cover Girl Mo’Ne Davis Makes Sports Illustrated History

It has been an impressive week for one little fanatchick, Mo’Ne Davis.  The 13 year old from Philly first became a household name last week for helping her team get to the Little League World Series.  Mo’Ne pitches 70 miles/hour! That is fast for any 13 year old – boy or girl.  She loves, “hitting […]

The ‘Big Hurt’ Was A ‘Big Crybaby’ At His HOF Induction And We Love It

In the overwhelming air of entitlement that seems to rest on us today, it was truly awesome (there’s really no better word) to see the ‘Big Hurt’ take  his time to call out the teams and individuals who inspired and guided his professional baseball career.  He truly showed his appreciation and knew that he didn’t […]

The Jordan Brand Shows Derek Jeter Mad #RE2PECT

Derek Jeter’s farewell season with the New York Yankees continues. He’s a man and athlete who is admired by many across the sports world and beyond, and he’s been an incredible ambassador of the Jordan brand. Check out this commercial released by the Jordan brand that will air tonight at the All-Star game:


Even Michael Jordan […]

Get In How You Fit In: 6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Fanatchick

It’s a warm mid-summer evening, the sun is almost ready to set, and you and your girls have just arrived fashionably late at a roof-top day party in the heart of the city, looking sexy, chic, yet playful and ready to mingle. A gorgeous tenderoni sees you at the bar, and the two of you […]