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Michael Jordan Photo Exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum

Ok, maybe I’m living in the past but I still believe Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time.  I never had the chance to see him play live but I watched hundreds of hours of Chicago Bulls games admiring this man.  I no longer live in Chicago but I hope to get […]

NBA Basketball: Watch Live or On TV?


1. The excitement from the fans. This is by far my favorite part. You get to interact with fellow fans and then there’s that occasional fan who is going for the opposing team. The whole night your group and the opposing fan’s group are pretty much arch-rivals. You give each other death stares and compete […]

Beyoncé Does It Again

After her sexy, embellished dress and ponytail at the Met Gala went viral, it was clear that Beyoncé always shows up and shows out.

Photos of Nicki and Beyoncé’s video “Feeling Myself” have sparked positive reviews as the photos reflect friendship, feminism, and embracing oneself with confidence.

Beyoncé, wearing a one-piece Derrick Rose swimsuit that all but […]

All-Star Weekend 2016 in the 6

What an upgrade! From LA, to NO, and NY and now Toronto!

Whoever decides to go to NBA All-Star Weekend should be prepared to have the time of their lives…and freeze being that Toronto is practically a frozen tundra and All-Star Weekend is around early February.

However, not everyone may be as excited as us. After this year, […]

Cavs Move on to Round 3

WOW! It’s crazy how each year, the dynamic of the NBA changes. Last year, Miami was the team to be and with Lebron gone, his Cavs are back on top.

The Cavs won their round (4-2) and will play the winner out of the Hawks and the Wizards.

As for the West, Golden State and Memphis will face […]

It’s Official, Kevin Love Is Headed to Cleveland To Play With Lebron

I’ve been a big fan of Kevin Love since the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this next season shapes up for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can they make the playoffs in 2015? Can they make the championship series in 2016? We shall see.

Photo Courtesy: Sportsnaut