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It’s Official, Kevin Love Is Headed to Cleveland To Play With Lebron

I’ve been a big fan of Kevin Love since the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this next season shapes up for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can they make the playoffs in 2015? Can they make the championship series in 2016? We shall see.

Photo Courtesy: Sportsnaut


Allen Iverson Seen Begging For Change in Atlanta

In 2030 Allen Iverson will become a very rich man.  He apparently has a trust from Reebok worth $30 million that cannot be claimed till he’s 55 years old. So will he make it to then?  Iverson was spotted last week begging for change by several shoppers  at Lenox Mall in Atlanta.  $154 million burned through […]

Michael Jordan’s Still Got It

Michael Jordan sinks 11 baskets in a row at his youth basketball camp. ‘Owen’s Dad’ got the whole thing on video. Check it out.


Ok, seriously?

I’m going to keep this really short. Why? Because I have a ton of other things to do than wait for Lebron or Carmelo to choose where they will go or return to next season. Now I am a fan of Bron Bron, and a Carmelo loyalist, and lightening would strike me right now […]

I’m Not Sure Who Offends Me More: Donald Sterling, his girlfriend or NAACP (VIDEO)

I’ve been asked several times for my opinion on the Donald Sterling recorded conversation where he expresses his disgust and disapproval of his girlfriend for having posed for a pic with Magic Johnson and posted it to Instagram.

I posted a video commentary:

(Brief history from Bleacher Report referenced in my commentary video).

Even the great Michael Jordan – […]

10 Best Moments from 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend

The 63rd NBA All-Star weekend wrapped up last night in New Orleans.   Here are a few of my favorite moments:


1. Kevin Hart gifts his MVP award to Arne Duncan who really earned it.


2. Swin Cash (WNBA Chicago Sky) was on Team Bosh for the All-Star Saturday Night festivities where they competed in the shootout […]