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Our no holds bar review of products and services marketed to Fanatchicks

Ladies: Cast Your Vote – President Obama or Mitt Romney?

Our weekly #FCLife tweetchat is canceled tonight (November 6) in support of Election 2012 so please get out vote.

With fans all over the country and even outside the U.S., we represent a wide spectrum of women.  We have one or two loves in common (sports and fitness) and we generally want the best for each […]

Chick Pick: Casual Capes For Fanatchicks Fashionistas

So we are periodically asked by companies to review their products or services because they have something they think will be great for our followers.  I will start posting video reviews of some of these items and you will find them under ‘Chick Picks’.  Some will get a thumbs up and some a thumbs down […]

Product Reviews

Reviews of the good, the bad and the ugly products and services marketed to Fanatchicks