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Cowgirls’ Fantasy Report: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not? RB’s

As promised, here is my running backs report. I stated in my previous article that you just can’t always go by projections. You have to study what’s taken place around the league as far as injuries and transactions are concerned. I am certain you will be surprised at the results so far.

The most important factor […]

Are Fantasy Owners Getting Duped In 2012? A Look At Who’s Hot and Who’s Not: Quarterbacks.

Ok Fantasy enthusiasts! Were you one of the victims of listening to the projections put out by ESPN, NFL, Yahoo, CBS etc? Or, were you one of those who followed your gut instincts and drafted the guys no one was talking about? Lets take a look at who’s hot and who’s not in 2012. This will be the 1st of a series I will be doing by position. In the 1st segment let’s take a look at QB’s.

Fantasy Baseball Chick Lit 091812

I can’t believe my season is almost over. I’m definitely going to miss it. I’ve been lucky, but there’s definitely strategy involved too. Knowing who’s hot and who’s slumping. Looking at the pitchers match up against this week’s opponent and how they’ve fared in the past. The fantasy baseball season is 6 months long and […]

Michael Strahan Delivers Stray’s Takes on Fantasy Football

Ok so I know many of you are playing fantasy football just like many former NFL athletes. One of my favorite, Michael Strahan is a rookie in FF but hey, he played the game. I bet he has a lot of great tips for you too. He’s going to share a new tip each Thursday […]

Fantasy Baseball Chick Lit

I’ve always loved and followed baseball. I’ve been the ultimate Blue Jays fan. Like any significant historical event, I remembered where I was when Joe Carter hit the walk off homerun to win the ’93 World Series (how am I old enough to remember something that happened almost 20 years ago like it was yesterday?) and I’ve cheered […]

Fantasy Football 101: The Draft

The most exciting and nerve-wracking part of being in a fantasy football league is drafting your team.

Here are some quick tips to survive draft night:

Arrive five to ten minutes before draft time and enter your draft room to check your draft position. You don’t want to be late and find out you were picking […]