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I’m Confused: Erin Andrews Is Replacing Pam Oliver?

Last season we saw Erin Andrews move from ESPN to FOX Sports and have an active sideline reporting role during the NFL season.  I like Erin Andrews. I mean…she’s likable and we know that the male viewers LOVE to see her on their screen. I’m certainly not going to criticize her for being beautiful but […]

Jordin Sparks, Miranda Cosgrove Are New Faces For NFL Apparel

The NFL is going to be releasing their new women’s apparel line for this upcoming season and they’ve added a few new young faces to their campaign.  Singer Jordin Sparks whose father played for the NY Giants, is actually an Arizona Cardinals fanatchick so she’s in the campaign rocking black and red.

Miranda Cosgrove will be […]

Another Reason Why I love Marshawn Lynch

Deion Sanders speaks with Marshawn Lynch on Super Bowl Media Day, January 28, 2014.

How Peyton Manning’s Wife Helped Him Win Sports Illustrated 2013 Sportsman of the Year

Ladies, many of us have been our significant others’ biggest cheerleader. There are times when your special guy hits a rough patch at work or in a game and he can’t quite get out of it. He starts questioning his abilities and his decisions. Then you pipe in with encouraging words, reason and faith. Oftentimes, […]

Get In How You Fit In: 6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Fanatchick

It’s a warm mid-summer evening, the sun is almost ready to set, and you and your girls have just arrived fashionably late at a roof-top day party in the heart of the city, looking sexy, chic, yet playful and ready to mingle. A gorgeous tenderoni sees you at the bar, and the two of you […]

Will Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Be Calling The Plays In 2013?

The biggest trend on Twitter yesterday was the Tony Romo contract. The supporters and haters alike, were out in force. What I found the most amusing was the responses by certain talking heads of the media and former players. If there is one thing I sensed among them, it was a whole lot of “JEALOUSY”. As far as the Haters go, “Get Over IT”, He Is Going To Be In Dallas For Another Six Years. At this point, you have two choices: find another team to cheer for or support the man. He is our QB and puts us in the best position to win. The above photo was all over Twitter so I don’t know who to give the credit to, but read it carefully. It comes with a $108 million smile too.