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‘We’re Short A Man’ Nike Commercial Is Great

Some Nike commercials become instant classics and I believe this one will join that list.  It features cameos of several Nike athletes across multiple sports including beach volleyball Olympian Misty May-Treanor and World Cup soccer champ Mia Hamm. Check it out.


Don’t you love this commercial?  Doesn’t it make you want to get up and get in the game? :)

NBA Basketball: Watch Live or On TV?


1. The excitement from the fans. This is by far my favorite part. You get to interact with fellow fans and then there’s that occasional fan who is going for the opposing team. The whole night your group and the opposing fan’s group are pretty much arch-rivals. You give each other death stares and compete […]

#TBT Favorite Fanatchick Film – Love & Basketball

If you never dreamed of having the type of relationship like Monica and Quincy’s then I don’t know what to tell you!

Love and Basketball is 15 years old and it is in fact a timeless film and an African-American classic. The love story that follows two aspiring athletes has its moments of laughs and tears. I […]

New All-Woman Sports Talk Show This Fall But Will They Get It Right?

Is this our year ladies? Have the sports media decision makers finally realized how valuable women sports fans – or as we affectionately call ourselves, fanatchicks – are to sports business?

This is essentially my concept for Fanatchicks TV but CBS Sports is going to launch a new show this fall.  It doesn’t yet have a […]

Power Move: Amy Dubois Barnett Moves to ESPN

Last year I attended Blogalicious – a bloggers conference for women of color – in Atlanta.  It’s always a good conference because it’s jam packed of information you need instead of fluff like many others. One of the keynote speaker Amy Dubois Barnett.  She was at the time, the Editor-in-Chief of Ebony, the oldest and largest African-American magazine […]

Under Armour Gets It: Misty Copeland Shows Her Ballet Dancer Athleticism

How many of us have been told ‘we weren’t good enough’ for some reason or another? Many of us and it’s what you decide to do after that defines your character. Misty Copeland is a beautiful, athletic ballerina who doesn’t fit the ‘model ballerina’ body build and was rejected from a prominent ballet program because […]