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For Chicks Who Feel the Need for Speed

Get In How You Fit In: 6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Fanatchick

It’s a warm mid-summer evening, the sun is almost ready to set, and you and your girls have just arrived fashionably late at a roof-top day party in the heart of the city, looking sexy, chic, yet playful and ready to mingle. A gorgeous tenderoni sees you at the bar, and the two of you […]

Chicks Dig Bikes Too

In a male dominated sport one woman stands out as a big shot…even at 5’2″!
Danica Patrick brought women up to ‘speed’ in NASCAR and females now have a name in motorcycle racing.
Her name is Peggy Llewellyn and this year alone she’s been in Essence, Decisive Latino and Heart and Soul magazines.
Being of Jamaican American and […]

Feel the Thrill of Car Racing with NASCAR Remote Control Cars

Collecting NASCAR remote control cars is one of the most popular hobbies among car racing enthusiasts. If you have just started to discover the fun and thrill watching NASCAR racing events, you will almost have the same feeling navigating these amazing miniature racing cars. Read more...

How to Drift like an Expert: Popular Drifting Techniques Used in Formula Drift Racing

Many people are fans of car racing, and one of the most popular methods used to race is drifting and many amateur drivers try to emulate the drift techniques that they observe from their favorite drivers. Read more...

2010 NASCAR Rule Changes Could Add Extra Excitement to NASCAR Races

2010 NASCAR rule changes are going into effect in addition to the relaxing on other 2010 NASCAR rules to bring back some of the NASCAR excitement that has kept fans coming back for years. Read more...

NASCAR the Greenest Sport in America

NASCAR has been working on becoming the greenest major sport in America for some time. They already have made major adjustments to make their race tracks environmentally friendly. Read more...