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SI NFL Analyst Andy Benoit Gets Owned By Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler

As ridiculous as it sounds, a Sports Illustrator NFL Analyst Andy Benoit tweeted the following:

He has of course deleted these ignorant tweets since then and later posted the following:


My sincere apologies for last night’s senseless tweets. I got carried away responding to playful ribbing ….
— Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) June 23, 2015

…. and, in my stupidity, […]

Beyond Brazil: Women’s Sport in South America

As told by Sandy Martin on behalf of The Ultimate Travel Company

With the World Cup coming to a close and Rio now adjusting its sights towards the 2016 Olympic Games, it would be fair to say that South American sport has had the world firmly gripped over the last few months. Tourists have travelled in their millions […]

Get In How You Fit In: 6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Fanatchick

It’s a warm mid-summer evening, the sun is almost ready to set, and you and your girls have just arrived fashionably late at a roof-top day party in the heart of the city, looking sexy, chic, yet playful and ready to mingle. A gorgeous tenderoni sees you at the bar, and the two of you […]

Euro Cup 2012 Final Spain Vs. Italy ~ By: Val Fulton of EPA Entertainment

Euro Cup 2012: in  Kiev, Ukraine
Spain V. Italy Final Match
Game Day: 07-1-2012 11:45 am Pacific Time
Written By: Val Fulton~EPA Entertainment
Twitter @Belle_Skin
Big win for Mario Balotelli, and The Italian soccer club in The Euro 2012, to propel them into the final round over the Germans.  Music to the ears of Kathleen Helfrey, founder of […]

Is Cristiano Renaldo of Portugal’s soccer club wearing a kilt?

Val Fulton has questions for Warren Barton of The SD Flash


Val Fulton has questions for Warren Barton of The SD Flash.

Heading to the play offs soon, I have questions for San Diego Flash’s Head Coach, Warren Barton.

Do  YOU have questions for him too?

Former England International, Coach Barton, is making waves in the Western Conference with an undefeated Flash Soccer Season. The San Diego Flash is […]