Yep, we’re growing. Wanna join us?

What is ‘Fanatchicks?

Fanatchicks is a young, vibrant, premium brand that was established to unite fanatchicks from around the world. We are a community for girls and women who play or watch sports, to bond with each other over our shared passion for a particular sport, team, player or event.

Fanatchicks Media, LLC is our profit-for-purpose company and Fanatchicks Care, Inc. is our 501c3 charity that operates She Wins!, our youth development program where we mentor girls and introduce them to sports with a goal of building confidence, leadership skills and a positive pathway for their future.


Original commentary featured on is contributed by women but you do not have to be a chick to work at our dynamic company.  What you do need is spunk, passion, intelligence and drive.

You need to be able to challenge yourself, your team and yep, even the Chief Chick.

Most importantly, you need to have a strong work ethic, do what you say you’re going to do and do it well!

Fanatchicks is about doing things in a new, fun and fresh way.  We hate red tape and we hate wasting time.  Things move at a fast pace here.

Who would thrive at Fanatchicks?

Individuals looking for real world experience

Individuals with a strong work ethic who know how to both have fun and get the job done.

Individuals who enjoy a challenge, can think outside the box and stick to deadlines.

Individuals seeking a non-traditional work environment and are hungry to learn and see the results of their hard work.

Individuals striving to strengthen skills and learn new ones

Individuals with strong communication skills

Individuals who enjoy sports and/fitness

Can you handle it?  Don’t be shy. Apply!! 


We are currently building our team in the following areas…

INTERNSHIPS (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Web Show Producer

Marketing Assistant

Marketing and Event Planning

Online Community Manager

Graphic Design 

Video and Audio Editing